Special Session 1


Special Session 1: Future Smart Cities & Challenges in Intelligent IoT Systems

Organizer: Dr. Syed Muhammad Adnan, KONKA, Electronics & AI Company, China


About the session

Smart City is a paradigm of living where the management and operation of the city, management and day-to-day tasks in daily life all are performed using artificial intelligence with an intelligent IoT system. For this daily management of different tasks, Smart cities use combination technologies, including internet of things (IoT), ICT infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Vision and Machine Learning Algorithms to perform any different variety of tasks, such as intelligent transportation, monitor and control of devices at home or offices, maintain security and safety at publics places, monitor and track persons and objects over large geophrapical space, use Data Analytics for predictive healthcare, and provide IoT based health care/ telemedicine services etc.
But to reliably and safely run the Smart cities it is important to address various implementation challenges in Intelligent IoT systems, while, is also need to main the safety of persons living in the smart cities, as well as, it is required to secure their properties and different objects in the city. While, to better manage mobility across the city it is required an intelligent transportation system where lightweight, faster, energy and resource efficient machine learning algorithms are running to perform different tasks.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    ◆ Intelligent IoT Systems
    ◆ Person Tracking in Smart Cities
    ◆ Smart Surveillance & Person Re-Identification
    ◆ Intelligent Transportation
    ◆ Resource Efficient Deep Learning Models
    ◆ Energy & Power Efficient Deep & Machine Learning Models
    ◆ Robotics in Smart Cities
    ◆ Intelligent Data Analytics
    ◆ IoT Based Healthcare Systems

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your manuscript via Electronic Submission System (account is needed). (Please choose the special number when you make the submission.)

Important Dates

    ◆ Submission of Full Papers: June 15, 2024
    ◆ Notification of Review Result of Papers from Track: June 30, 2024
    ◆ Registration Deadline: July 05, 2024