Conference Topics (CFP DOWNLOAD)


PRML is an annual conference which aims to present the latest research and results of scholars and experts related to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Computer Vision and Recognition (Click) Track 2: Deep Learning and Optimization (Click)
◇ Image and Video Classification
◇ Object Detection and Tracking
◇ Semantic Segmentation
◇ Content-based Image Retrieval
◇ Facial Recognition
◇ 3D Reconstructions
◇ Action Recognition
◇ Neural Generative Models, Autoencoders, GANs
◇ Optimization and Learning Methods
◇ Representation Learning and Deep Learning
◇ Scene Analysis and Understanding
◇ Transfer Learning, Low-Shot, Semi- and Unsupervised Learning
◇ Motion and Tracking
Track 3: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Biomedical Applications (Click) Track 4: Vision Applications and Systems (Click)
◇ AI in Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
◇ Bioinformatics for Healthcare Wngineering
◇ Explainable AI, Fairness, Accountability, Privacy, Transparency and Ethics in Vision
◇ Biomedical Image Retrieval, Segmentation, Grouping and Shape using AI
◇ Applying Machine Learning-empowered Sensing to Biomedical Scenarios
◇ Distributed Computing for Big Data in Smart Healthcare using AI
◇ AI-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring using Big Data
◇ Segmentation, Grouping, and Shape
◇ Vision + Language, Vision + Other Modalities
◇ Video Analysis and Understanding
◇ Vision Applications and Systems
◇ Vision for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles
◇ Visual Reasoning and Logical Representation
Track 5: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Data Analytics (Click)  
◇ Data Clustering, Classification, and Visualisation
◇ Explainable AI and Knowledge Discovery from Databases
◇ Fintech, Business Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics and Decision Support
◇ Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis, Biomedical and Healthcare Analytics
◇ Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Manufacturing Analytics
◇ Data Mining in Education, Transportation, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Energy, etc.